Elderflower Gimlet


A classic gimlet with a delightful herbal twist. Crafted with gin, elderflower liqueur, and a splash of tangy lime juice, this cocktail is a refreshing symphony of flavors. The gin's botanical essence melds perfectly with the floral sweetness of elderflower, while the lime juice adds a bright, citrusy kick. Each sip of our Elderflower Gimlet is a sophisticated journey through layers of taste, where the herbal twist elevates the classic gimlet to new heights.


<rt-ingr>5 cl Gin<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>2 cl Elderflower liqueur<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>4 cl Lime juice<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>1/2 bar spoon of icing sugar<rt-ingr>

Editor’s Note

<rt-ingr>1.75 oz Gin<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>3/4 oz Elderflower liqueur<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>1.25 oz Lime juice<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>1/2 bar spoon of icing sugar<rt-ingr>

Editor’s Note


Step 1

Add gin, elderflower liqueur, lime juice and icing sugar into a shaker.

Step 2

Add ice cubes and shake.

Step 3

Double strain into martini glass

Step 4

Step 5

What are foamers?

Dive into the foamers 101 guide and discover a world of foam-making wonders, ensuring every sip is an experience.

Glass & Garnish

Garnish with an elderflower sprig and serve in an ice-cold martini glass. Enjoy responsibly.
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