Framboise régale

Sparkling Wine

Dive into the Framboise Régale, a lively cocktail that's all about celebrating the good times. This vibrant mix starts with the bright flavor of raspberries, paired perfectly with the smoothness of gin and a splash of triple sec for that citrus kick. Cranberry juice comes into play, adding just the right amount of tartness to the sweet berries. Topped with champagne, the Framboise Régale is your perfect excuse to celebrate. Its bubbly finish makes every sip festive, mingling with the muddled raspberries and fresh mint to create a refreshingly sophisticated taste. It’s a celebratory toast in a glass, ideal for marking milestones or simply enjoying the finer moments. Light, fizzy, and flawlessly balanced, the Framboise Régale invites you to enjoy its delightful mix of flavors. Here’s to good times, great company, and a cocktail that brings them together beautifully!


<rt-ingr>2 cl Gin<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>2 cl Triple sec<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>4 cl Cranberry juice<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>5-6 Raspberries<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>Fresh mint<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>Top with Champagne<rt-ingr>

Editor’s Note

<rt-ingr>3/4 oz Gin<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>3/4 oz Triple sec<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>1.25 oz Cranberry juice<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>5-6 Raspberries<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>Fresh mint<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>Top with Champagne<rt-ingr>

Editor’s Note


Step 1

Muddle raspberries with gin in a shaker.

Step 2

Add triple sec, cranberry juice and mint, shake well with ice.

Step 3

Double strain into a flute glass.

Step 4

Top up with Champagne.

Step 5

What are foamers?

Dive into the foamers 101 guide and discover a world of foam-making wonders, ensuring every sip is an experience.

Glass & Garnish

Serve in an ice-cold flute glass. Garnish with a raspberry on a cocktail pick. Enjoy responsibly.
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