Sea Breeze


Experience the refreshing essence of the Sea Breeze Cocktail, a light and invigorating blend perfect for any occasion. This delightful cocktail combines the crisp, clean taste of vodka with the tart sweetness of cranberry juice and the sharp citrusy punch of grapefruit juice. The result is a harmonious mix that is as refreshing as a cool ocean breeze. With its vibrant red and pink hues, the Sea Breeze Cocktail not only tantalizes the taste buds but also pleases the eye, making it a popular choice for both casual sipping and social gatherings. The subtle strength of vodka provides a smooth base that complements the bright flavors of the juices, creating a drink that's both balanced and bold. Perfect for summer parties or as a relaxing evening refreshment, the Sea Breeze Cocktail offers a taste of the coast with every sip. It's a classic choice for those who appreciate a cocktail that's both simple to make and satisfying to drink, providing a crisp and fruity escape from the everyday.


<rt-ingr>5 cl Vodka<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>5 cl Grapefruit juice<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>10 cl Cranberry juice<rt-ingr>

Editor’s Note

<rt-ingr>1.75 oz Vodka<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>1.75 oz Grapefruit juice<rt-ingr>

<rt-ingr>3.25 oz Cranberry juice<rt-ingr>

Editor’s Note


Step 1

Fill a highball glass with ice, then pour in the vodka and grapefruit juice.

Step 2

Finish with cranberry juice to create a nice color gradient.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

What are foamers?

Dive into the foamers 101 guide and discover a world of foam-making wonders, ensuring every sip is an experience.

Glass & Garnish

Serve in a highball glass and garnish with a wedge of grapefruit. Enjoy responsibly!
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